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Rolly Moe


Member Since: 10/27/2009 5:56:11 AM
Location: Belgrade
Interests: Politics
Website: Smooth Operator
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2014 year in review
-2014 year in review........

After "Treaty of Lisbon" is confirmed in mid-2010,Blair was choosen as president of the European Union and he won Nobel Peace Prize for 2011.In 2014 his first term was over,but he was re-elected later in the year.

On 1st of May Albania,Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina joined European Union.

Hurricane Karen took place in september and destroyed mexican gulf,being second strongest hurricane in that area,just after Katrina(2005).

Afghan war finally ends.

The new version of cars that can drive up to 900 km/h is released and those cars can drive in the water.

Pope Benedict XVI dies at age of 87,and is suceeded by Italian,Leo XV.

Timothy Dolan resigns from position of archbishop of New York.He will die next year,in 2015 at age of 64 from the Parkinson's disease he got in 2012.

The new conflict between Israel and Palestine begins in november.

Al Gore leaves politics.



-Afghan war ends after 13 years of violence,and Al Gore finally helps his land by leaving politics forever(America hopes).The new version of SuperMega cars is released.New countries join EU.


-Albania joins EU.The new conflict begins in Gaza strip,between Jews and Palestinians.Reverend T.Dolan resigns and his holiness,the pope,dies.Hurrica Karen "destroys" Mexican gulf.


-Prince Christian Henrik of Denmark,4th to sucess the throne of Denmark
-Mary,daughter of Bred Pitt and Angelina Jolie


-Benedict XVI,pope(born 1927)
-Helmut Berger,film director(born 1944)
-Jacques Chirac,french president(born 1932)isplay:none"></

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