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Some Potentially Hilarious Grave Markers
by Mark on 3/20/2007 (0)

Last act of defiance, literally.
You may have seen the infamous "Fuck You" headstone pictured here, and who can deny giggles and salutations to this sublime last act of defiance. Here are some other possible last quips, Smooth Operator style!

E ternal peace
A nd love
T o all who
S pend their lives reaching
H igher
I nto God's grace
T o
A scend to
N irvana
D evoid of greed, hunger
D emonation
I gnorance and
E xcess

B rought
I nto this world
T o love
E ncourage
M other and
E ndure

Y ou
O ffered
U nlimited
S upport and love
U ntil death do us part
C an't recall the fine print
K eep the ring anyway

R eally should have
A voided
T obacco and
F ried foods
A lcohol and
R ed meats.
T oo late. Aww
S hucks!

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