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Befuddled Member Admits He Really Isn't Sure What He's Supposed To Be Moving On To
by Mark on 3/11/2007 (0)

All hail the New Guard!
(AP) - Radical left-leaning web site activist John David Stuuts recently admitted being somewhat "unsure what MoveOn is really moving on to", regarding MoveOn's sophomoric, ill-defined, rather hazy sense of social direction.

"Well, this is about activism. This is about forcible change." Professionally pondered Stuuts "Sometimes the only way to achieve change is to bust heads to get it, that much I'm sure about. About the other half, what we'll do if we can make change happen...well..."

Stuuts admitted that attacking established power structures via the Internet site is far less daunting, and far more enjoyable, than offering any viable political alternatives or concrete social solutions.

"Well, attacking is what activism is. Attacking is fun and comes naturally. Figuring out problems is really, really hard, and not very enjoyable at all. That's about all that I know. At least for now."

Stuuts admits that his financial commitment to is rather diminutive as well, citing "I could send more if my freaking Neocon dad would start paying me for my downtime from Poly Sci classes and stop bitching about how long the grass is instead."isp

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