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Bomb Sniffing Dog Detects Explosives Up Partner Pooch's Butt, Thousands Panic
by Mark on 2/3/2007 (0)

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Hutch, a mixed breed D.C. PD bomb sniffing canine, reportedly detected plastic explosives in his partner pooch's backside, sending the greater Washington political area into a mad dashing panic, according to the dogs handler, D.C PD K-9 division specialist Jeff Woonch.

"Yeah, it was a real scare. Congress broke session and fled into the streets, and they had to clear the White House for the second time in a month. It was pure pandemonium. Hutch lighted on the tail of his partner dog 'Rooter' and our first thought was that someone had fed the dog explosives in order to turn it into a living bomb. We checked him out, and didn't find a trace, so Hutch apparently made a mistake on this one. We can't figure it out. He's usually dead on."

Other false alarms would later come in when Hutch spuriously detected explosives in a highly suspicious, squished dessicated frog found on Washington Avenue and inside of a half full carton of McDonald's French Fries mysteriously left inside the Lincoln Monument as well.?sid=1

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