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Kindly Farmer Arrested for Brandishing Pitchfork At Prince Charles's Estate
by Kris on 1/31/2007 (0)

Hay to pitch, cows to milk, chickens to screw? I do it all!
London, England - Prince Charles' office on Wednesday confirmed the arrest of an intruder with a pitchfork on his country estate.

The Daily Mail newspaper said Charles and his wife Camilla were asleep inside the house at Highgrove estate at the time of Tuesday night's arrest, though most experts speculate they may have been watching episodes of the Golden Girls, which Prince Charles has recently discovered on DVD.

A spokeswoman for Gloucester Police said a 55-year-old farmer from Bristol, western England, had been arrested for trespassing and released on bail though he claimed he was only there to help.

"I love the Prince so very much, I just wanted to pitch any hay he may have during the night so that he could awake to a pleasant surprise," said the man. "I like to think of myself like Santa, but instead of bringing presents to children, I do menial hard labor tasks for influential citizens in the dead of the night."

"It did happen, and it scared the bejesus out of the Prince," said a spokeswoman for Prince Charles. "Can you imagine awaking to a the sight of a scruffy looking man in overalls with a rusty pitchfork, it's very frightening!"

The man in question, who's name was not release on condition of anonymity in line with force policy, has previously been arrested at the residence of Queen Elizabeth II for attempting to prune her shrubs and at the residence of Prime Minister Tony Blair for attempting to use a chain saw to fell a dead tree.h="0"<

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