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Shocked Man Buys Same Number of Hotdogs as Hotdog Buns
by Kris on 1/23/2007 (0)

Your normal 8 pack of buns... hotdogs normally come in 6 or 12 packs.
Iron Mountain, MI - In a situation that can only be described as highly unlikely yet totally glorious, Michigan native Bernie Walsh was able to purchase the same number of hotdogs as hotdog buns from the local Econo Foods grocery store.

"Usually I end up with something like eight hotdogs and twelve buns and then end up either having to eat bunless hotdogs or hotdogless buns," said Walsh at a press conference earlier today. "I was shocked that there were six of each, it was like I won a magical hotdog lottery!"

Walsh's purchase marks just the fourth time in recorded history that such an occurrence has happened. The last time was in 1997 at a small deli in New Jersey. There were claims that it happened again in 2002, but the buns were determined to be hogi buns, not hotdog buns, and the ensuing scandal lead to three deaths and two dismemberments.

In a prerecorded broadcast earlier today, Econo Foods store manager Mark Jones apologized to the American public and hotdog manufactures worldwide for the mistake.

"It was an unfortunate mishap in our bakery department that lead us to selling six buns at a time instead of the usual eleven," said Jones. "Rest assured, the employee responsible has been fired and we will now be adding rudimentary math skills as a prerequisite for all new employees."

Econo Foods has disposed of the remaining six-packs of buns, costing the company an estimated $4 in baking supplies but immeasurable damage to their good standing in the hotdog community. It is believe that three six-packs of buns were purchased before the recall, but only Walsh has come forward so far.

"Don't be surprised if you see these six-packs of buns finding their way onto eBay in the near future," said hotdog expert Henry Blake. "Something like that, I'd estimate it could sell for as high as $20!"

It is currently unknown why hotdogs and the accompanying buns must always be sold in different quantities but most analysts believe it is because of a long-standing feud between bakeries hotdog manufacturers, neither side willing to compromise and match the quantity sold of the other. The Great Hotdog Wars of the early 1960's, in which hotdog manufacturers and bakers fought for superiority of the streets and grocery isles of Middle America in a gangland style battle, seems to back up this hypothesis.

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