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Local Viewer Confuses American Idol With America's Most Wanted
by Mark on 1/19/2007 (0)

PENITENTIARY GLEN, OH - Penitentiary Glen resident Trisha Ziske reportedly "became disoriented and confused" while trying to tell FOX reality series 'American Idol' from the crime-stopper series 'America's Most Wanted', according to a befuddled and bemused Ziske.

"I was watching American Idol, and it turns out that so many convicted cons and fugitives from justice were on the show, it blurred a mental line with America's Most Wanted. Jeeze, it seems like there's more crooks chasing Simon Cowell than John Walsh is chasing crooks. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear that American Idol is a sting operation. Amazing to think a fugitive from justice would run exactly where they shouldn't, right smack in front of 50 million viewers. Go figger that one out."

American Idol does seem to be a thug magnet, with a sizeable number of contestants chasing fame with seeming oblivious concern over their ill-considered actions. Ex-cons, drug dealers and thieves on the run have become commonplace on the much loved new talent time competition. What are they thinking? One can only speculate.

"I think what really confuses me is that both Simon Cowell and John Walsh are both kinda whiney looking little guys, and I mix them up mentally. But hey, what can you really say? Crooks are everywhere."

American Idol and America's Most Wanted are reportedly planning to team up on a new FOX series called "America's Most Wanted American Idol" in the 2007 season, borrowing Elvis Presley's song "Dancing to the jail house rock" as major theme.h="0" h

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