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Chick With Apple Shaped Ass Fends Off Latest Wave Of Illicit Gropes And Grabs
by Mark on 1/3/2007 (0)

Show me some o' dat' apple booty!
YE OLDE PEACH ORCHARD, NY - New York resident Vanessa McDonald recently described "just another day of pathetic horny guys making up excuses just to touch my glorious apple-shaped ass" in a candid confession to friends and admirers.

"Yeah, yeah...I've heard it all." Bemused a wryly smiling McDonald "When I stand in line at the Bank, some jerk invariably bumps into me from behind with the inevitable 'Uh-oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see you, like, standing right there in front of me, duh!' and some gorilla at the mall always seems to let his groping monkey arms swing in just a little too wide of an arc and brush up against my rear. What can I say? I have a nice one. I get it all the time!"

McDonald told of other tales of guys crossing sidewalks just to walk behind her, and incessant offers to help her pump gas or lend her a hand hopping off the treadmill at the local gym.

"I guess it's okay. That is, I think it's not too bad." Salaciously sighed McDonald "It could be worse. I mean, what if nobody noticed me at all?"

McDonald's fortunes would eventually take a dramatic turn, however, after giving birth to twins along with a protracted pregnancy, when the only ones ogling her backside at that point would be her proctologist and her husband, at least when he "wasn't out until 2 in the morning with his buddies at the local Crazy Horse strip club, or home gooned on Gimlet Martinis, whichever comes first."

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