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Latest Weapons Technology Makes Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3 Most Fought Over Video Games Of 2006
by Mark on 11/21/2006 (0)

Nintendo Wii: The bestest and the mostest the Pentagon and your tax dollars have to offer.
(AP) Utilizing the latest in Weapons grade nano-science, the Nintendo Wii and the Sony Play Station 3 are the latest gaming devices adapting core technology developed for the defense industry, according to PCGamer Mag editor Burt Fleer.

"Both the Nintendo and Sony controllers use two tiny, flat pieces of silicon, each weighing about a millionth of a gram, that flex against silicon springs that hold them in place to detect ever so minute changes in motion. Sony Corp.'s "Sixaxis" controller for the PS3 also has an accelerometer. The six axises the name refers to are the three dimensions of space, plus three axises of spin. Accelerometers have been used to guide missiles and aircraft, and now the technology has become cheap enough to incorporate into video games. Truly a leap in hi-tech fabrication costs, to say the very least."

Indeed, hi-technology games with roots in the defense industry are nothing new. Long before the days of even World War I, inventions used in warfare have been later applied to more benign applications in times of peace. The empirical science behind projectile weapons, armored vehicles, navigation, prop and jet planes, computers, guided drones, infared vision and beyond has firm origins in defense industry applied technology, later incorporated into everything from toy pistols to wireless controllers.

"There's good reason for this" Fleer pondered, apprehensively tapping a Halo 2 cartridge against his knee "Warfare and entertainment are two sides of the same coin. The mother of warfare is conflict, and the spawn of the reaction to conflict is creative invention, and the very same creative invention that makes Mankind a technical success in warfare is also the reason behind the success and popularity of video gaming, or any type of gaming for that matter. When an intelligent species is driven to desperation, creativity and subsequent invention are its greatest weapons, and warfare and gaming of all kinds are merely derivatives of the innate evolutionary need to think, problem solve, create and invent under stress. Warfare is Gaming, and Gaming is Warfare. In fact, it might be said that gaming is mererly a dress rehearsal for warfare. At a purely psychological level, you cannot separate the two."

Fleer admits that the more realistic games become, the crossover into reality becomes a greater danger and possibility, but tossed out "Things are probably relatively harmless now, but wait until the next big war breaks in 20 years or so. I can't wait to see what Nintendo's putting on the table for Christmas 2025!"is0" style="display:no

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