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King Kong Remake Demonstrates Special Effects Can Breath New Life Into Any Stale Old Premise
by Mark on 10/21/2006 (0)

Dear ol' little Jap guy in a suit Gamera, what does the digital future hold for thee?
HOLLYWOOD - Lackluster, though still significant box office returns on director Peter Jackson's high tech remake of the venerable, though somewhat exhausted classic, King Kong clearly illustrates that "you can take any tired old premise that is done to death, jazz it up with hi-tech digital effects, and make a few decent bucks" according to BlueScreen Inc. digital effects artist Austin Globe.

"King Kong and Titanic are just two great examples of a growing, profitable trend of Hollywood classic remakes that are given new life by computer generated effects. Indeed, this is just the beginning. As CGE becomes more powerful and are capable of ever more convincing, dramatically realistic simulations, no premise, regardless of how tired or old, can be tossed aside and labeled as exhausted. Furthermore, cartoon characters, comic book heroes and even fiction novels from the early 19th and 20th century are fair game, as evidenced by The Incredible Hulk, Fantastic 4, Spiderman, and War of the Worlds remakes, each time offering the movie goer with a fresh experience on an old story line.

Globe took several CGE stills from his desk drawer, shuffling through them quizzically.

"The next genre we're considering attacking is the B grade Sci-Fi movies from the 1950's and 60's like Forbidden Planet, The Blob, Reptilicus, The Time Travelers, Plan 9 from Outer Space, and even that cheesy camp classic Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. The beauty is, with special effects you can make a winner out of any of them, and people will flock to see them for the jazz and jangle of that visual aspect alone."

Globe scratched his chin and pondered professionally

"Furthermore, the very-near-future holds a new technique involving "sampling" scenes and voice tracks of deceased actors and bringing them back to life. Who wouldn't pay 8 bucks to see Bruce Lee fight Jackie Chan, or John Wayne back in the saddle again? The only limitations are in our imaginations and technical capability."

Globe acknowledged that a fair measure of responsibility comes along with any remake, (Godzilla, rendered with the full force of digital wizardry, will still be remembered as a little Japanese guy in a monster suit stomping on toy sky scrapers), and the potential controversies created by reviving the dead (If John Wayne is brought to life again, will the old Indian fighter John Wayne be politically incorrect in today's multi-cultural climate? And if we decide to resurrect Bruce Lee to fight Jackie Chan, what happens if we decide that Jackie Chan wins?)

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