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Department Of Labor Determines That Majority Of Labor Is Not Spent Laboring
by Mark on 9/23/2006 (0)

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Dept. Of Labor has determined that "an overwhelming percentage of human activity results in no global capital gain, and is often counter-productive in undoing labor efforts that are already committed and spent" according to DOL Secretary Jay Edward Fitzhume.

"Mankind is capable of great feats of cooperation, advances in technology, and developing more efficient and higher evolved societies to ease his sometimes deplorable condition, but we are also capable of squandering untold billions in wasted dollars and wasted lives in destructive behavior that seeks to vandalize progress and worsen our overall lot."

Fitzhume fumed, rubbing his forehead uneasily.

"The most notable example today is the wasted efforts and energy dedicated to religious ideology. The radical Islamic world has decided to dedicate large portions of its GNP, and the lives of the fruit of their perennial generational labor crop, to relentlessly assault and kill other humans across the globe who simply do not share their belief system. What the Western mind would reckon to be trivial differences of philosophy, such as that highlighted between Sunni and Shiite Muslim sects, has resulted in a rigid, insoluble impasse, with millions of man hours in lost labor that could easily be dedicated to bettering their impoverished condition, and utilizing the vast, highly sought-after oil resources of the Arab world to improve their domestic infrastructure. A similar ideological conflict exists between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland and among Hindus and Muslims in Pakistan, Kashmir and India."

"On the same note are the untold billions in weapons dollars that must be spent to counter the threat of this seemingly absurd artistic impasse. The civilized world must earmark huge chunks of its GNP to build weapons systems, that could easily be better spent on schools, roads, civil infrastructure and better and safer food supplies. The overall misdirected and lost labor due to wars over our perception of who is The One True God is almost incalculable, and terribly tragic, indeed."

Fitzhume paused, pondering thoughtfully

"In another example of wasted labor, millions of man hours, and billions of dollars in precious, scant resources are being lost, notably in China and in Mexico, to produce junk quality products no one wants and the human species can certainly live without. Poor quality blenders that don't blend, mini food processors that can barely process, and answering machines that break down and can't answer are flooding the free market, gobbling up precious oil in their fabrication, transport and replacement costs. Surely, the teeming labor pools of the far east companies could be better utilized for more practical purposes. In fact, an entire customer support industry has arisen for the sole purpose of supporting and replacing broken and junk products, notably outsourced to India. One could only imagine how better off India would be if their teeming population were involved in civil projects, such as constructing better roads, power plants, and water supplies, which they sorely lack, or go without altogether."

Fitzhume describes the effect of instant oil wealth, such as that bestowed upon Latin American, Middle East and African countries, that often leads to despotic dictatorships, notably Chavez, Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi, that seize the huge profits garnered by oil sales, and use it to build virtual armies to protect their personality cult, while their countrymen live in squalor, and the misdirected labor of the global laissez faire weapons industry, notably China, the U.S. and Russia, that is willing to manufacture and distribute billions in arms sales to these ambitious upstarts, that ultimately contributes to world suffering and instability.

"The U.S. and Europe are no angels either, by the way. It is estimated that the money and resources lost in both world wars last century

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