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Some Really Great Life's Tips
by Mark on 9/21/2006 (0)

The persistence of being persistent.
Have you ever mused about what you would have done different with your life if you could just go back in time with the knowledge and experiences that you have in your head today? I was thinking about 1986, if I could just go back 20 years, knowing what I know now. Outside of the obvious, like buying all the Microsoft stock I could handle at a penny a share, here are some other things I noticed that may offer you a shortcut, and hopefully a fuller, richer life.

1. Never do anything that you don't want to do. This one is the biggest, and most crucial. If you are in a relationship, or even a marriage, that obviously is a poor fit, get out. Don't dally with it, and try to do it before you have kids. I can't tell you how many breakups I have witnessed, and been part of, that ended badly, and often with life-shattering consequences, that should have ended before things reached that point. Search your heart. If it don't fit you must split!

On that same note, go after what your heart wants, and I especially urge young 20 some-things to take heed of this one. Don't worry about rejection, or feelings of inadequacy, or feeling foolish. Life is too short to feel inadequate. Don't waste time. If you want someone strongly, go for it. Do whatever it takes. Be willing to make changes midstream. If you are in a reasonably satisfactory relationship, and your dream girl/guy comes along, take some time to make some time with that person. If it works out, and is a better fit, you won't be sorry, believe me, and if it doesn't, you're still better off than you were before, believe it or not, but please believe it. You're better off alone than moldering away precious, irretrievable years in the icy malaise of a loveless relationship.

2. Don't ignore your health. I have been lucky in this area, but I have many acquaintances who have not. If you are 25, and are in perfect health, or even consider yourself to be, don't let that stop you from seeing a doctor and getting a full A-Z physical. Do it now. Don't get it in your head that disease and sickness are the realm of old people, I lost a number of good friends in their 30's to chronic conditions that could have been easily cured or prevented by early diagnosis and treatment. You might be walking around with an aneurism in your brain and not know it, or have undiagnosed glaucoma, or hypertension, and feel just fine. Don't wait, go to a doctor now, regardless how you feel.

3. Make the right career moves. Just like in relationships, don't do anything that you don't want to do. If you are hemmed in by a job that you can take or leave, but just don't think you can find the time, or believe that you lack the capability to get a better job, you need to fix that notion, fast. Big life's lesson: Time Goes Fast.

If you still live at home and aren't paying rent, use this rare, fleeting period of your life to obtain as much education as you can afford, and spend time interviewing and chasing employers that you are passionate about before you find yourself out on your own. As soon as you have to pay your own overhead, your chances and choices diminish, and it only gets harder and harder as you get older. Pick a career that is marketable. You may love Archaeology, but will it pay the bills? This is strictly my opinion, but I urge choosing careers that pay well historically, and are adaptable to a changing, technologically evolving economy. Do it right the first time, you most likely won't have a second chance.

4. Don't get wo

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