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Angered Hussein Makes 'Kids In The Hall' Reference During Trial
by Kris on 9/12/2006 (0)

This is gonna hurt!
Baghdad, Iraq - It was a tense scene in an Iraqi courtroom Tuesday as a Kurdish villager retold the story of the attack of his village perpetrated by forces of Saddam Hussein.

"Congratulations, you are in a cage, Saddam," witness Ghafour Hassan Abdullah said as he stared at the ousted president.

Hussein later lashed out at "agents of Iran and Zionism" in the courtroom, called them "flatheads," and vowed to "crush all their heads." He then proceeded to close one eye and, using his thumb and pointer finger, made the motion of crushing the heads of various people in the courtroom. "I'm crushing your head," he madly chanted all the while.

"Crushing your head" is a reference to the character Mr. Tyzik from the Canadian sketch comedy show 'The Kids in the Hall.' This show ran from 1989 to 1994 on CBC, CBS, and HBO and can now be seen in reruns on Comedy Central.

Hussein is reportedly a huge fan of the show and used his immense power as ruler of Iraq to acquire bootleg copies of the show on DVD, though the US military have been unable to locate any such DVDs.

"I'm very proud that our program has gained popularity in International markets," said the producer of 'The Kids in the Hall' Lorne Michaels. "The true sign of success for any television program is when a ruthless dictator on trial for mass genocide makes a reference to your show."

Michaels is planning to mail a "Crushing your head" t-shirt and season 4 of 'The Kids in the Hall' on DVD to Hussein as a show of appreciation.

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