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Some Moderately Disturbing Foods
by Mark on 8/23/2006 (0)

One mans meat is often another mans best friend, or is sometimes just a rodent. Here are some foods to avoid serving PETA members, or just foods the sensitive avoid. Arf!

Veal: Veal, as most everyone is aware, are cow calves that are cramped into tiny wooden cages to immobilize them, and prevent muscle tissue from becoming tough and fibrous, ensuring extraordinary veal scallopini in all of its bovine buttery tender goodness.

Goose Liver: Called foie gras in France, Goose Liver is obtained by nailing geese to a wooden floor and force feeding corn down their craw through a feeding tube, sometimes until their stomachs burst. A delectable spreadable dish fit for a King, Goose Liver smacks of royal pomp and regalia, except for the unlucky duck, of course.

Roasted Pig: A Hawain Luau tradition, for some totally inexplicable creative reason, some overzealous Polynesian chef elected to leave the head and hooves on. Pigs, like fish, are better eaten than seen, as in them looking up and seeing you while you're eating them. Blagh!

Pickled Eyeballs: A Hong Kong snacking favorite, who needs chip dip, when you've got pickled peepers? One has to wonder what the texture of pickled eyeballs is like, certainly hallmarked by a chewy corneal texture and slurpy gelatinous ocular fluid gush. (shudders).

Roast Dog: A staple in Korea and China, dog meat has been consumed for millenia, much to the furor and outrage of pet lovers world wide. Special breeds, including Saint Bernards, are actually bred because of their substantial size and meat content. While mainland Asians are sensitive to the West's disdain of dog (and cat) eating, they have not illustrated any sincere desire or intention of stopping it. Arf!

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