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Local Coworker's Mutual Erotic Fantasies Sadly Fail To Connect
by Mark on 8/19/2006 (0)

Can I unzip a fly? I mean a file? Ulp!
SHAKER HEIGHTS, OH - The fantasies of two long time coworkers "sadly failed to mesh" according to beleaguered fantasee, and fanatasizer, Suzy Sabatino.

*Sob!* Mike and I have been working together at the Green Grocer supermarket for 3 years now, and I know that something is there between us, but for some reason it has never come to the surface. I don't know why. I'm crazy about him. I have these somewhat embarrassing fantasies that we're together on a space station, entirely alone, and some alien presence infuses us with some kind of sex ray, and we have to have sex 1000 times in order to save mankind. I know that sounds weird, but it's true! I mean, I-I just wish he would notice me...*sob!*"

A hauntingly similar confession was gleaned from Suzy's coworker Mike Colatta who described "I-I dream constantly of Suzy...all the time. I have this crazy fantasy that we are stuck on a submarine, alone, and the water has run out, and the only way we can survive is by stripping down out of our wetsuits and licking each others...well, you know. I'm not sure how to get Suzy's attention, but I've given up. I guess she just isn't into me."

Suzy Sabatino and Mike Colatta are not alone.

On any given day in any given workplace, fantasies among coworkers abound, hardly ever revealed, let alone realized. Sadly, this rare opportunity for the carnal delight of a lifetime is passed by every day, either due to commitment to another, low self esteem, failure to read the signals of attraction, or just the inablilty, or unwillingness, to give in to one's deepest submissive desires.

Sadly, for both parties, neither fantasy would come into fruition, and both would part ways. As events unfolded in Mike's life, "I'd happily find an outlet for my submarine fantasy a few years later at college.", and an equal admission of satisfaction from Suzy, who gleefully describes realizing her space fantasy with a coworker named Pat Patterson in the walk in vegetable crisper at the same Green Grocer store later that same year.h="0"<0" hei

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