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Stinky Lake Erie Driveby Spawns Accusatory Carpool Glances
by Mark on 8/13/2006 (0)

Auuughh! *schlorp!*
CLEVELAND,OH - A recent bloom of algae, plumes of decaying sediment caused by excessive rain, and rotting fish recently enveloped Lake Erie in an efluvia of sulphorous stench that permeated the air above Cleveland for a 5th straight day. No word is out as to when the odiferous melee' will lift, but in the meanwhile, misunderstandings abound about the source of the terrible smell.

Carpool member Stan Raclynski, holding his nose with one hand, and the steering wheel with the other, describes

"When you have a car filled with quiet people with the AC on and the windows rolled up, you're very sensitive to smells. When we drove past the lake, that horrible stench wafted in and we all started shooting each other glances. Someone rolled down a window, but of course it didn't do any good. Made it worse in fact."

As it went, others in cramped quarters described the same shooting accusatory glances, including police working with partners and k-9's in the same squad car, RTA buses, workers in offices along the lakeshore, and even pilots in light planes flying high above Lake Erie's fetid plume. Only SUV's and minivans with infants in diapers seemed oblivious to the lake's deleterious olfactory effect.

"We hope the smell will lift after a few days, now that the weathers dried out. Sure has a way of messing with the drive downtown, that's for sure."

Indeed, in a few days the stench would lift, but Raclynski thoughtfully pondered "No one's going to be eating Chimichangas or Mexicali omelets for breakfast for awhile, that's for darn sure."

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