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Local Band Mystified Over Mixed Reaction To Original Material
by Mark on 7/3/2006 (0)

Thank you!...I said thank you!...Godammit, I said thank you!!
CLEVELAND, OH - Local Cleveland area bar band The Replaycements cry foul at perplexed reaction from puzzled bar patrons in response to their original scores. Replaycements lead guitarist Tony "T-bone" Romano explains.

"I've been plying the copy band bar scene for 10 years, and I wanted to start doing some original material. I'm 30 for god's sakes. If I don't get a recording contract soon, it's never going to happen, and my whole career will be down the shitter. Who remembers Smashing Pumpkins or Green Day copy bands? Nobody, man, nobody!

Romano described mystified, inconclusive responses to the bands two new original scores, Tuna Phish and Ramona Scabrona as being "a wide-eyed look akin to a gasping trout with a few confused bouts of polite applause thrown in" but none of the uproarious approval or standing ovation the band had hoped for.

"What do these people want? This is some great shit, man. I do a killer Tex-Mex Strat intro to Tuna Phish and drummer Stan "Sticky" Skufka does a three minute drum solo that would knock Ozzy Osborne off the stage backwards. As far as I'm concerned, we held up our end with some kick-ass material. These people are cretins with the pallet of a snail who can't recognize great talent even when it's thrown right in their face. Either that or the shitty amature sound-man we hired is ruining our material. Screw them all, man!

Euclid Tavern regular barfly Becky Gelky, however, reportedly described The Replaycements original material as a weird incongruous mix of "Neil Diamond, Andy Williams, Eminem, Kurt Cobain and a really, really loud and obnoxious pneumatic jackhammer."

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