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Window Kitty Rules Roost With Iron Paw
by Mark on 7/2/2006 (0)

CALIGULA, MS -Caligula, Mississippi window Kitty "Bianca" reportedly "rules her favorite bay window roost with an iron paw" according to the recalcitrant felines owner Lyssa Honeycutt.

Bianca purred surreptitiously in the morning light and boxed a curtain string with a few subdued reers and rowers

"When we got Bianca 2 years ago, it didn't take her long to call that bay window her own. That crazy cat lies there in the sun all day staring at birds, the mailmen, squirrels, the mailman again, you name it...

Upon hearing "mailman", Bianca pricked and primped, mustered a few half-hearted mews, and scritched and scratched an imaginary flea with a few theatric kicks and claws

"One time my boyfriend went up to pet her, -a big mistake,- and Bianca wailed like an alley cat and carved up his thumb like a Gyro platter. My boyfriend never tried that move again!

Upon hearing "boyfriend", Bianca purred salaciously and curled her tail like a charmed Egyptian cobra

"I'm not sure what drives her into such frenzies of territorialism with that silly windowsill, but she's serious about it, so we leave her alone. On the plus side, we never have to worry about anyone sneaking up on us, although it would be nice to clean the window without getting assaulted now and then."

The only distractions urgent enough to tear Bianca away from her perpetual perch were reportedly "Eating, a trip to the litter box, a visit from the neighbor's male cat Jumjum, and any indication that someone else in the house was taking over any other part of it without her consent or approval."isplay:none">Share

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