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Gentlemen Prefer...Comics?
by Mark on 6/25/2006 (0)

Love with primary color appeal
Telephone representative Egon Zigga sketched furiously.

In between customer service calls, Zigga displayed a remarkable ability and passion for drawing sexy female cartoon characters, especially those from Marvel Comics, like The Valkyrie, Mantis and Susan Storm.

In fact, Zigga was not the only one with a fascination for sexy comic characters.

Indeed, adult cartoon characters have a wide popular appeal.

And just why, and how, is that?

Perhaps because cartoons are highly idealized, and fit our notion of the ideal sexual fantasy? Or perhaps because one can "attach" love and affection to an animated character without the pitfalls, insecurities and competition inherent in flesh and blood dating?

Lusting after animated characters is not merely the realm of teenage boys, but has a wide following among men and women of all ages, as evidenced by the popularity of adult 'anime' cartoons, honed and refined to a fine art by the Japanese. Cartoon erotica is certainly not new, to say the least. Neolithic cave paintings depict human figures in acts of sexual copulation, and may have served as aphrodisiacs, or in a related sense, symbols of fertility.

The human imagination, as impressive and grandiose as it is, tends to idealize and simplify. When we concoct fantasies, we tend to delete the unpleasant parts, such as rank smells, imperfections, distractions and any and all elements that detract from a positive cerebral experience. So explains the appeal of cartoon characters. They are always willing, accessible and perfect.

Zigga's boss, Tammy Chang, tapped Zigga on the shoulder not-ever-so-lightly, Zigga snapping his neck back in a near whiplash jerk

"You made The Mantis's boobs too big, idiot! And draw me a nude Hulk for my office, prontomundo!"ispla0" style="display:no

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