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Confused Moth Mistakes Al Gore's Head For A Big Giant Light Bulb
by Mark on 6/8/2006 (0)

Mrah! I try to keep my head up, as long as my shoulders cooperate, of course!
(AP) A recent puzzling natural phenomena has plagued ex vice president and Democratic wish list candidate Al Gore. Packs of confused moths seem to have mistaken his oversized, lumbering, steadily burgeoning head as a big giant light bulb. Yale Naturalist Trevor Attenboro describes.

"As most of us have observed, moths fly toward the light at night, be it headlights on cars, candles or porch lights, and the best theory we have is that they perceive the light to be either the sun or moon, or merely as the light of the sky against the dark of the earth, and fly up toward it instinctively. It seems Al Gore's heaving, lumbering, oversized dwarves head appears brighter than daylight to these moths. Very unique. None of us has ever seen this before, to say the least."

Attenboro hopes to study the phenomena further, adding, "Al Gore is a shining light to many Democrats waiting in the wings, after all, but we just want to make sure he's been storing his old fat suits in moth-balls, just to be prudent."isplay:none">

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