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Group Photos With Big-Ass Machine Gun Becoming National Fad
by Mark on 1/10/2006 (0)

The Moline, Illinois, Girl Scout troop #4 shows they mean business when they sell fudge stripe sandies, adding that "We might use be real butter, or we might not, and don't even think about asking."

FANFARE, KS - Fanfare, Kansas photographer Burt Fleer describes a new fad in group photos based on the Al-Qaeda submachine-gun theme of photogenic intimidation. Fleer describes:

"Ever since videos have surfaced with Al-Qaeda chief Usama Bin Laden and his co-henchmen in crime, Al-Zahrawi, with both men theatrically posed with a big-ass machine gun in the background for typical Arab bluster intimidation effect, the fad has taken the photographic world by storm. We have people from all walks of life showing they mean business, and nothing quite says 'business' like a Kalashnikov leaning against the backdrop. I keep an entire array of prop guns on hand, from dimunitively suggestive flintlock rifles, to that ubiquitous icon of all foreign wars, the AK-47. No one wants to be perceived as being wimpy and ineffective anymore, and this visual device makes ones intent quite clear."

Fleer hasn't addressed the possibility of high school graduation photos with a martial flair but predicts "if you gave machine guns to those goofball high school kids, especially around prom time, there wouldn't be a need for a graduation."
Sue Morgan of the Kankakee, Illinois Senior Bake Sale adds some muscle to her Poppyseed Torte and Frito Pie dishes, quipping dangerously "So you wanna see my recipe, huh-yeah? I keep it in my shoe!"
The Flanderville, NJ insane kids party clown posse makes their posture quite clear in this photo, advising "clown shoes or not, don't step on our toes."
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