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Brunch Voted Best Meal Between Breakfast and Lunch
by Kris on 1/2/2006 (0)

Holy crap that looks good! Why are you waisting your time reading this article, go get some brunch now!
For the fifth year running, Massachusetts Gourmet Review has voted brunch as being the best meal between breakfast and lunch. This comes as no surprise to anyone, as few can name any other meals in this time period, but has still received great fanfare.

"This is the greatest honor a meal between breakfast and lunch can receive," said local food critic Edward Neal. "Brunch should be very proud of himself and what he's accomplished in the face of insurmountable odds."

Brunch will be award the Alfred Fenderstein Award for Excellence in the Field of Meals Between Breakfast and Lunch Award at a dinner in it's honor this coming Tuesday. Many of the areas more prominent figures are expected to attend this gala event including long dead forefather of this country, Thomas Jefferson.

"It just goes to show you how important this award is when a former President that's been dead for over a thousand years rises from the grave, puts on his best suit, and joins us for dinner and dancing," said Braxton Leopold, chairman of the event.

"I don't like brunch, but I sure do respect it," said Nathan Short, founder of the competing meal lunfast. Lunfast placed third in the voting this year, falling behind even lunner, which is technically a meal between lunch and dinner but was still allowed because people like it so much.h

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