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Study Shows Most People Who Call Others A-holes Are Usually A-holes Themselves
by Mark on 12/25/2005 (0)

Were you born an asshole? Or did you work at it your whole life? Either way it worked out fine 'cause you're an aaaass...hole tonight!
(AP) A recent study by the American Society of Linguistic Phenomena recently discovered that the overwhelming majority of people who use the highly offensive term "asshole", are usually better defined by the term themselves, according to A.S.L.I.P director Dee-Dee Cardinale.

"Our study focused on the term 'asshole' itself in terms of its derogatory connotation, its cultural origins and role in a societal structure, and it is our firm observation and cursory thesis that most people who call others The A-word are better defined, in clinical terms, as assholes themselves."

Cardinale explained the most common use of the A-word was to "show contempt toward those with conflicting agenda, such as competing philosophical or financial beliefs and needs."

"The biggest use of the A-word is directed toward others who simply disagree with us, be it over philosophical, political or personal matters is not important. Very innocent and simple. The next most common application is directed toward those we consider economic competitors or superiors, as in those who are better off, or are given prestige, raises and promotion over us. At a more complex level, the A-word is used extensively to describe those who have power over us, either domestically, or at the structured legal level. In general, if another person, or group of people thinks different than you, has more money, and has control over you, that person, or persons, are assholes."

Cardinale also points out that the A-word is also used as a simple curse at a vulgar, visceral level, and quickly assured that "those who use the word are vulgar and visceral themselves, making them key candidate as the phrases true recipient. In short, it takes one to know one."

Other phrases under study by A.S.L.I.P include "cool guy" (someone who gives us what we want, doesn't compete with us and agrees with what we think) and "loser" (someone who makes the same common mistakes we made, but were too stupid to figure out until it was far too late.)isplay0" style="display:no

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