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Big Screen TV's, 'COPS' TV Show Make For A Deadly Mix
by Mark on 12/2/2005 (0)

This ain't your daddies RCA anymore!
LETTERMAN, PA - Big screen/COPS reality show enthusiast Terry Dudas suggests mixing 50"+ televisions and violent network programming may generate "some pleasantly unexpected viewer responses."

Dudas explains:

"As far as I go, it's totally kick ass and I love it. Ever watch COPS on a high res big screen? I've got a 62" Hitachi and cable, and I can tell you, it's almost like you can step right through the screen and into the action. One day my dad, who has Alzheimers, got totally freaked out when a COPS scene showed them tasering people. He wasn't the same for days! It was an absolute kick-ass blast!"

Dudas is only one of millions of Americans grappling with the stress producing combination of violent media and giant sized TV monitors. While most mentally balanced, well adjusted adults can tolerate such a combination with little or no residual psychological trauma, many children, and adults with mental abnormalities, such as Schizophrenia, Alzheimers, and Dementia, can often be jazzed and jangled by real life shootings on a virtually cinema sized screen to a point where their fragile conditions are seriously exacerbated.

"One time pop-pop came in, and was watching TV with me, when they broadcast a scene of that tsunami flood, and it looked like there was this muddy raging ocean right in my living room! He jumped up and started stomping around like a whacked out raging elephant, screaming 'Get it off! Nah! Get it away! NAH!!'. It was the absolute funniest!"

Most psychiatrists recommend using common sense when airing disturbing material on large televisions and preventing small children and those with established psychosis from participating. A measure of sensitivity toward viewer reaction is suggested through active observation of their facial reactions and responses.

Dudas chortled diabolically

"And one time my 5 year old kid got so freaked out by a scene from the time I rented Scarface he hid in his room for days! It was almost the best!ispla0" style="display:no

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