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Gibson Acoustic-Electric Guitar Sets New Pawn Shop Resale Record
by Mark on 11/26/2005 (0)

"This little beauty has your name written all over it, and with a little rubbing alcohol, it'll come right off!"
HARMONY, IL - A sunburst Gibson J-45 acoustic-electric Western guitar recently set a new pawn shop record for "being sold, bought back, and sold again," according to JimmyPawn owner Jimmy Gabucci.

Gabucci describes:

"The first time I bought this guitar was back in 1997, when a 19 year old kid brought it in. It seems that after protracted hinting and outright nagging, he got it for a Christmas gift from his aunt and uncle, learned to play a few riffs from "25 or 624", and a partially successful D chord, and cashed it in. Next buyer was a middle aged woman who claimed she had wanted to learn how to play all of her life and had been cheating herself for the sake of her family, and bought it...for about 3 months. She practically threw it at me when she came back, so I'm guessing she had a rough go of it.

Gabucci paused to scribble a few handwritten price tags, pondering professionally.

"Next one in was a 14 year old girl who whined and pleaded and promised her mom she'd take lessons and practice 12 hours a day until she sounded just like Jewel and became rich and famous. I sold it to her as a package with a case, guitar strap and microphone, and it came back a month later minus the microphone and three strings, which is what usually happens. Go figger."

In fact, guitars are a pawn shop favorite because of high desirability, created by those determined to learn how to play, and a high turnover rate, determined by the cold fact that very few people actually learn how to play, making guitars one of the greatest profit hogs in the resale business, next to diamond and gold jewelry.

"I figger I bought and resold this old thing over 10 times. I'm guessing I made about 4000 bucks clear on it. Try doing that with a power tool or a LCD TV! Suckers!"

The biggest reasons mentioned for squelching the dreams of hopeful 6-string wannabees included cut and bleeding fingers, tone deafness, lack of rhythm, inability to read music and threats from family members and neighbors to "shut that damn thing off or you'll be wearing it like a spruce sombrero."isplay:none">Share

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