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Some Really Cool Moments In Sci-Fi Cinema History
by Mark on 11/2/2005 (0)

Here are some classic screen shots from sci-fi cinema that burned their way into our imagination, neurons and wallets. Enjoy!

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980): Who can possibly forget the climactic 'behanding' of Luke Skywalker, by his own father, Darth Vader? Fortunately, light saber wounds cauterize by their very nature, and no blood was lost, except bad family blood. Nothing like finding out Darth Vader is your father and having him cut your hand off on the same day. Poor Luke. How much can a young Jedi take?

The Terminator (1984): Remember when The Terminator tracked down Sarah Conner to a police station, coining that ubiquitous household phrase of the 80's and beyond, "I'll be back?". Of course you do.

Alien (1979): Dinner was never the same after Kane (John Hurt) haplessly became a living incubus for an alien chest burster in this classic sci-fi shocker moment. Perhaps just as strong a memory is how fast the scrappy little alien ran off the scene after growling at the ship's crew like a whacked-out Jack Russell Terrier. Toasty!

Back to the Future (1985): Quick! What happens when a Delorean equipped with a Flux Capacitor is juiced up to 1.21 gigawatts and sped up to 88 mph? Back to the Future, that's what! This awesome twin tire flame scene is symbolic of the films premise of cause and effect while shuttling between 2 temporal frames. A real keeper.

Star Trek TV series (1966): I'll confess I don't remember the exact details of this scene, but it has 2 classic elements in it: A shirt-less Sulu is hepped up on some type of toxin, and is chasing crew members around with a dueling sword, finally to be subdued by Spock's famous "Vulcan neck pinch". How many generations of school kids grew up with bruised collar bones trying to render each other unconscious cannot be calculated in a bold attempt to go where no kid has gone before.

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