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Some Really Whacky Sports
by Mark on 10/21/2005 (0)

Here's a few whacky and weird sports we found. Enjoy!

Noodling: Quick! How does a hungry hillbilly catch a fish with no bait, or even a fishing rod? Answer: Noodling! A semi-popular mud water lake form of fishing, Noodlers actually get neck deep in the water, stick their hands in catfish holes, and literally wiggle their finger in the face of (hopefully) a catfish, and not a snapper turtle, beaver or venomous water snake. Catfish have an innate reflex to clomp their jaws on anything that tickles their nose, and a big 30-40 lb. cat can engulf a (lucky?) Noodler's entire hand and forearm! The Cat is then wrestled out of the water, right into a greased frying pan. Kids, do not try this at home.

Cooper's Hill Cheese Roll: The age-old event is presided over by a Master of Ceremonies who wears a traditional white overall, old be-ribboned top hat and a large floral buttonhole. A guest 'roller' releases the cheese at his command: "One to be ready, two to be steady, three to prepare - and FOUR to be off". Every year scores of men and women flock to hurtle 200 yards down a vertiginous slope in pursuit of an eight-pound Double Gloucester cheese.

Past cheese-rolling races have not been without incident. Safety fears halted the 1998 event after the previous year's event ended in mayhem with 18 competitors and several onlookers injured. Certainly Monty Python derived at least part of their odd sense of humor from perhaps one of Britain's oddest annual sporting events.

Ostrich Racing: The town of Outdshoorn in S. Africa has 95% of the world’s ostrich population, and holds ostrich racing competitions for visitors. The rules? in order to race you must be under 12 stone (1 stone = 14 lbs.) and be able to clamp your legs around and under the Ostrich's wings, you must not keep hold of the neck as this can damage the bird. Ostrich racing is catching on in America, and one can only imagine that the Ostrich involved is none too happy, possessing the same set of reactionary nerves as predatory reptiles and dinosaurs, and a set of powerful clawed toes that can kill a man with a single kick. Giddyup!

La Tomatina – Spain’s sloppiest celebration: For more than 60 years now, people in the sleepy town of Buñol, in the Southeast of Spain, have gathered in the Plaza del Pueblo on the last Wednesday of August for the world’s largest foo

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