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Blue Jean Shorts Back in Fashion
by Ken ReCorr on 10/4/2005 (0)

Jared has know this moment was coming for fifteen years, but somehow is still quite surprised.
Los Angeles – The fall runways are alive with the “swish swish” of progress. A dozen years removed from being remotely cool, blue jean shorts are making a big comeback.

What was once thought laughable even three years ago is now a reality. The denim renaissance was buoyed by a strong tidal wave of geek anti-heroes made popular on the internet and in Hollywood. The “revenge of the nerds” fashion trend, as it is being termed by some in the popular press, has its roots in personalities like Napoleon Dynamite, The Star Wars Kid, and Kevin Federline.

“We just couldn’t ignore what we saw as a huge groundswell,” said GAP chief Karen Schwartz. “Sure, we bombed when we presented our leather pants for guys as everyday fare, but we feel this is going to be vastly different. I mean, who hasn’t seen that three hundred pound guy in the mall with bed-hair and visible dandruff and thought, ‘My he looks comfortable in his oversized blue jean shorts. ”

Clad in grey sweat pants and a stained white t-shirt Schwartz did stop short of saying that her company had completely run out of ideas.

One interesting sidebar to this revolution is that while most new fashions are created in mass by factories around the world, the large fashion houses in New York, Los Angeles, and London this time looked no further than the overstock sale at JC Penney. Apparently the good folks at the ailing department store never stopped ordering, stocking, and selling these anomalies.

“We’re happy to help out,” says James D’Amarello, regional manager for JC Penney stores in the Midwest. “JC Penney has always strived to stay a solid five to eight years behind the times to accommodate customers with a total disregard for what society deems remotely trendy.”

D’Amarello continued, “Heck, we just got in men’s pants with pleats in June. Pleats? The guys in the back call them ‘boner pants’, ‘cause when you sit down, you know, you look like you’ve got a boner.”

The new revolution has begun – via denim shorts!

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