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Sumo Dad Scores Big In Daytona, FLA!
by Mark on 8/9/2005 (0)

"Double your pleasure, Sumo style!"
DAYTONA BEACH - In a tri-beach area white sand shocker, Sumo Dad Junichiro Koizumi pulls out the strings...G-strings that is!

Spiking a volley ball with a shrill, resounding "Hai!", Junichiro Koizumi chortled diabolically, pulling his mini Speedo back above his glistening cocoa-buttered sumo blubber belly.

"Nothing Sumo cannot do best! Volley ball, mud wrestling, competitive eating, swimming pool cannon balling, shooting beers...Sumo is master over all! And all girl go crazy over Master Sumo! Twice right!"

With a Georgia blond under one arm and a Michigan brunette beneath the other, Sumo Dad quickly established himself as big man on campus, scoring with virtually every woman in sight. In a strange twist on the notion that well defined, muscular men rule the hen house, Sumo Dad hoisted a rummied-up red head and slid her down his belly like a Teflon basted butterball turkey.

According to onlookers, the party raged for "several crazy days" until a petite middle aged Japanese woman appeared on the scene, hunting down Sumo Dad while madly brandishing "A cleaver, a bottle of soy sauce and a pair of chopsticks." src=

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