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Michigan Woman Says 'Hugh Jackman' Multiple Times, Keeps Straight Face
by Mark on 6/17/2005 (0)

It's Hugh Jackman!...I mean Huge Jackoff!...I mean Huge Homo! Auuggh!
DETROIT - Detroit resident Sissie Segal reportedly said Aussie actor Hugh Jackman's name multiple times without cracking the slightest grin in reference to Jackman's latest film Swordfish.

"It was remarkable...a stunning sight to see."

Pondered Sissies husband Dominic

"They mentioned Hugh Jackman on Entertainment Tonight and Sissie started carrying on about how Hugh Jackman is a great screen artist, Hugh Jackman this, Hugh Jackman that, without even cracking the least perceptible grin. How she did it is beyond me, a stupendous feat of muscular control for the Ages."

Segal also reported his wife was capable of saying "Andy Dick" with only the least discernable twitch of her upper lip."0

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