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Mohammed Khalid Shaikh Creates Hair Care Club For Arab Men
by Mark on 5/27/2005 (0)

"I'm not just a hair club client, I'm the president!"
(AP) Recently defrocked Sheik Mohammed Khalid Shaikh has added a shocking Western style twist to his future plans, hoping to capitalize on the thoroughly untapped Arab hair care market for men.

Alternately scritching and scratching his bushy black back, beard and chest hair in no apparent rhyme or order, Shaikh explained

"Arab men are not like other men. We have special needs. There is an old joke, if you find a hair in your hummus, put it back, it needs the company! funny, and true too. He-he."

Shaikh took an odd selection of brushes and hair care products from his desk drawer

"This brush is extra stout and strong! Made from Pakistani Kaghani goat hair bristles! Triple glued! And this conditioning formula shampoo can strip the oil off of a VW engine block, yet still be gentle and fragrant as a Mejdool date palm in the desert breeze! Big market out there, many Dinars to be made!"

Shaikh laments the apparent fall of radical Islam and his own demise, shrugging off an uncertain future with a punch and a roll

"He-he...I manage. When you've got as much hair on your chest and back as we do, you learn to keep your shirt on at the zoo!...He-he!"g

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