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Latrell Sprewell Gets Summer Job at Burger King
by Kris on 5/26/2005 (1)

The things you'll do to feed a family of five.
Following the completion of $68 million contract, four time NBA All-Star Latrell Sprewell has recently began working at a Detroit, Michigan Burger King, saying he needed the job to "feed my family".

"When you need the money, you go to where you can find a job that matches your skills," said Sprewell. "That's what landed me here in Detroit at Burger King."

Sprewell spent the past two seasons with the Minnesota Timberwolves and turned down a contract extension reportedly worth $27 to $30 million because it was not enough money to feed his five children, who apparently eat so much that $14 million a year cannot satisfy their enormous appetites.

Burger King is currently paying Sprewell the Michigan minimum wage of $5.15 an hour and has promised him thirty to forty hours a week. In three months, after a performance review, he will be considered for a 25 cent raise.

"The pay is decent and I get way more hours a week than I did in the NBA," said Sprewell of his new job. "Best of all, I get a half-off employee discount which makes it very affordable to feed my family. They all really love Whoppers."

Sprewell is currently not under contract by any NBA team but figures to be actively pursued during the NBA's free agency period beginning at the conclusion of this year's playoffs. His lack of any current NBA affiliation has allowed him to work for Burger King during the off-season.

"Before we always had to ration our food during the summer because the money was not there when I wasn't working," said Sprewell. "We finally get to eat every day like a normal family."

Despite rumors that Sprewell choked one of his co-workers after criticism of a sloppily made Jr. Whopper, his managers spoke highly of him.

"He's a little volatile, but over all he does good work," said one of Sprewell's managers, 19 year old John Shelf. "He always puts the right number of pickles on a burger and you can count on him when there is a floor to be mopped."

Sprewell's agent Bob Gist is hopeful to find a big contract from some NBA team this off-season for his client and has stated he will not take a deal just because it is offered.

"Latrell is an All-Star caliber player and deserves to be one of the highest paid players in the NBA," said Gist. "If teams are unwilling to pay him as such, I am sure that Burger King won't object to him continuing his career as a member of their team."

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