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Paris Hiltons Proclaims Saddam Pictures 'Hot'
by Kris on 5/23/2005 (0)

"That's hot."
Last week the London tabloid "The Sun" released some photographs of the 68 year old former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, including one revealing picture of him in nothing but his underwear.

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton, always a source of deep political thought, was asked about the photographs shortly after leaving a Los Angeles club Saturday night.

"I think it's hot," said Hilton. "Saddam's got a great body and he's not afraid to show it. It's too bad more men aren't willing to be photographed in their undies."

Many feel that the release of these photos, seemingly leaked by the US military, could have a strong backlash in the Muslim community and lead to increased instability in an all ready volatile situation. Paris was far more optimistic.

"These pictures show a side of Saddam that most people don't know," said Hilton. "They show a more human side, not the madman that most people think of. I don't see how anyone can be mad about that, I think it's cute. And so does Tinkerbelle."

Hilton also felt that the release of these provocative pictures could do wonders for Saddam's post leadership career.

"My own career really took off after my sex tape got out to the public, I see the same happening for Saddam," said Hilton. "I see him doing movies, music, probably even his own reality show. When he gets out, we'll totally party."

Paris Hilton is currently slated to appear in Fox's upcoming Simple Life 4 season with a yet unnamed costar after her much publicized breakup with former costar and friend Nicole Richie. Hilton has publicly been pushing for her friend Kim Stewart (daughter of rocker Rod Stewart) as a replacement but she was open to working with Saddam too.

"I think Saddam would be a great replacement," said Hilton. "He's hot."t0" sty

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