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James Earl Jones Autobiography Shocker: I Am Not Darth
by Mark on 5/11/2005 (0)

"Luke, I'm the voice of a large white silent actor claiming to be your father!"
Though his face was never shown in the Star Wars films, James Earl Jones is known to millions as the deep, menacing voice of Darth Vader.

Monday, Jones announced a new book release, "I am not Darth", written in the same literary genre as Leonard Nimoy's lamentful autobiographical voice out about the pitfalls of type casting, "I am not Spock".

Jones explains:

"I earned my bachelor's degree in drama from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and was soon performing on Broadway, and by 1959 had won a Tony award for my role as a prizefighter in The Great White Hope. I starred in Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner, and supplied the voice for King Mufasa in Disney's The Lion King. But what do I hear on the street every day? I walk to the corner drugstore, and it's 'Hey! Mr Jones! May the Force be with you!' and the ubiquitous 'Hey Jones, I'm your father!'. If I find out I'm someone elses father again in my lifetime, I swear I'll gut him like a trout."

In his book, Jones delves deep into the racial character behind his Vader voice, pointing out that most of the original Star Wars fans were white kids who were shocked to learn a black man was behind the man in the black mask. Jones wryfully observes: "I think they expected a fat white guy like Orson Wells or something. After all, There weren't many Brothers in space in the 1970's"

Although Jones does freely admit that the Star Wars role as Darth Vader brought him fame and fortune beyond his wildest dreams, he does lament "Not being able to spend a day at the mall with my grandkids for some ice cream without a bunch of crazies chasing me around screaming 'The Force is strong in this one,' or 'Hakuna Matata' or some strange combination of both."0" sty

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