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by Kris on 9/17/2002 (1)

Thanks to the deep fried goodness that is known more commonly as, we here at Smooth Operator are now able to offer you, the viewer, a selection of custom made products relating to this very site! While the current selection is small, it will only get bigger. Not only that, but if you buy from our shop, we get money! That will allow us to support this site (it's not free after all) and to add even more items. And the more people buy, the lower prices we can offer! I sincerely hope you enjoy our products and maybe even buy one or two. Check out the shop right here to start buying. And if you want a product that we don't deliver, let us know by shooting out an email to"0"<

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1. by this is not jackdaw on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
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