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Strange Brews part 2
by Mark on 4/6/2005 (0)

Piss Beer: From beginning to end, to beginning again.
Some intriuging examples of brewski obscura worldwide. All real and drinkable!

Piss Beer Yes, Piss beer! Finally playing to the somewhat tasteless realization that beer is a fully recyclable product, a Melbourne, Australia mini brewer created Piss Beer in 1998. According to the manufacturer, "Aussies have been on the piss, getting pissed, drinking piss, drinking more piss and, most definitely, taking the piss for the past two hundred years. The amazing thing is none of us thought to bottle it earlier. (Too busy getting pissed, probably.) "

Yes folks, Piss beer is real! Packed in clear bottles of course. Check out more about Piss beer online at:

Cave Creek Chili Beer Perhaps one of the most disgusting beers to hit the market, "Crazy Ed's Original" Chili Beer is brewed by Black Mountain Brewing Company in Cave Creek, Arizona, by Crazy Ed Chillen, and known globally for their beer with a Serrano chili pepper in every bottle. I have tried this beer and found it peppery to the point of fiery undrinkability. Two tips: keep a regular beer close at hand as a chaser, and never drink straight from the bottle, as the pepper inside will shoot right down your throat, as it is smaller in diameter than the bottle mouth. Heimlich maneuvers and hot sauce are a deadly combination. Visit their home page for a great animation at:

Rauchbier Literally "smoked beer" in German, Rauchbier is a remnant of old brewing methods and the old country belief that Nitrate packed smoke is good for you. Rauchbier malt is suspended above smoldering fires that dry the malt and impart a heavy smoky flavor on the grain that transfers to the finished beer. The beer has a strong smoky flavor and taste that may agree to some palates, but the health benefits of drinking liquid smoke is probably questionable. Rauchbier is made in many countries, and examples can be found by Googling Rauchbier for more info.

"Chili Beer: Tabasco chaser recommended "
Sam Adams Chocolate Bock Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker, right? Why not combine the best of both worlds? Get lucky the easy way with Sam Adams chocolate flavored bock. Released as a limited Valentines day edition, according to Samuel Adams founder Jim Koch, "Beer and chocolate are two pleasures that should be enjoyed and savored. We knew that we were up to the challenge to create an unexpected brew that could perfectly complement a Valentine's Day meal or be given as a special gift."

The flavor described as "a big, malty character with a complex full-body taster and velvety finish", and it damn well better be for the cost, about 14.99 for a champagne sized 750 ml bottle.

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