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Sumo Dad Goes To Iraq
by Mark on 3/23/2005 (1)

"Look pal, I'll ask one more time nicely, and then he takes over!"
BAGHDAD - Sumo Dad, responding to the international call on the War Against Terror, was dispatched by the Army National Guard to act as an interrogation specialist with the 205th military intelligence brigade

205th commander Colonel Ted Pospie explains his unorthodox decision

"All these insurgents respect is force. Diplomacy is like farts in the wind over here, and nothing quite says 'force'...or farts for that Sumo Dad corporal Junichiro Koizumi! One look at his massive carriage and even the most zealous self-immolator goes crying like a baby for Allah! I think the insurgents days are numbered from this day on, and I mean numbered!"

The Army quartermaster staff admits they still haven't figured out where to put Sumo Dad's corporal stripes, but are hoping to find a solution soonon

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