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Female Executive Shows Signs Of Developing A Scrotum
by Mark on 3/13/2005 (0)

"Tinactin really works! And it's not just for the guys anymore, by golly!"
CLEVELAND , OH - Perched aggressively in a front row seat at the Cleveland Club like a chicken buzzard hungrily atop an Arizona mesa, PCOmelet sales executive Bernice Barrows-White leaned on every word uttered from Xerox CEO Anne MulCahy's mouth like a sinner on a Vatican Pope Pilgrimage

Anne MulCahy described her climb to power in the Xerox corporate structure as one of urgency, sensitivity, listening to the needs of others, rewarding hard work and inspiring creativity as the core elements in turning failing businesses around, but Bernice Barrows-White perceived MulCahy's phenomenal success in a different light.

White's perception of Anne MulCahy was one of a powerful, oppressed woman who battled her way to the top against ball-crushing chauvinistic good-old boys determined to impose a 'glass ceiling' on women, and keep them in their place.

Freshly inspired with a new flood of vital estrogen, Barrows-White planned to return to PCOmelet and shake things up "at the core level" to obtain the power, wealth, and position that she rightfully deserved -completely missing, or replacing entirely- the bright minded MulCahy's suggestions of "sensitivity" with "piss me off and I'll find a way to destroy your ass", "inspiring creativity" with "inspiring fear" and "hard work" with "hard luck".

Flushed with new found power, White scratched at her groin area like Lebron James in an overtime game against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.

A new phenomena was at hand.

Portuguese Geneticist Petru Mota offers an explanation.

"I see more and more cases of this. As vicious and aggressive women see more and more of their peers given executive positions with major corporations, their blood lust and thirst for unbridled power creates a hormone imbalance that mimics an adolescent teenage boys. Testosterone actually is produced, and a new set of genitalia begins to develop. In short, these women are growing testes. It is quite astonishing!"

Indeed, Bernice Barrows-White was not the only one. Women across the world, convinced that the weilding of brute power and suffocating control of others is the key to corporate climbing, are completely missing the very reality that it is the finer and gentler points of the female condition that makes them ideal motivational leaders, i.e., sensitivity to others feelings, attention to detail, nurturing instincts, etc., and are the precise reasons how women like Anne MulCahy sky rocketed to success at Xerox in the first place.

Barrows-White scratched even harder.

Charging out of the Cleveland Club, Barrows-White updated her shopping list, adding a new power suit, a Sharp PDA, a Toshiba laptop, and a previously unexperienced desire to buy plain-white men's fly jocky underwear briefsone">

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