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Italian Beverage-Deli Store Owner Punks Student Employees For Using Big Words
by Mark on 3/10/2005 (0)

You wanna see a setta fucking balls? I'll show you a setta fucking balls!
LYNDHURST, OH - Sammy Barducci, owner of Barducci's beverage and deli, reportedly has been "punking the college kids" who work for him for using big words.

"Those goddamm college kids got big words for every simple goddamn thing." Barducci fumed. "Look, all I want from these figlio di puttanna college boys is to unload the fucking beer trucks, and stack the cases in the cooler. What's so hard about that?

Barducci's normally youthfull staff are often overheard using words such as "leverage", "center of gravity", "momentum" and "inertia" when unloading pop and beer cases, tubs of deli mustard and antipasto salad, and crates of provalone cheese balls from the loading dock into the back store room.

"I hire a kid, I want nice, neat, fucking stacks of pop in the fucking walk-in cooler. You want center-of-gravity? I'll give you fucking foot kicking your smelly bacala ass out the center of the fucking garage door!"

A former student-employee of Barducci's, Giuseppe "Joe-Joe" Petti, looked back fondly at his 6 months with Mr. B as "The only place I got to say 'fuck' anytime I wanted, scam a few beers on the job, get all the free day-old Italian subs I could eat and still get paid 7 bucks an hour under the table for doing it."

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