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Win Pitfall! Creator David Crane
by Kris on 9/16/2002 (0)

Computer enhanced image of how David Crane may look today.
In 1982, David Crane appeared on the scene and unleashed a game the revolutionized the industry and defined a new genre. This game was Pitfall! The ten minutes of design time that David put into the game led to four million copies sold of his masterpiece and worldwide acclaim for him and for Atari. Pitfall! became the basis for many of the platform games to follow in the next decade, games such as Super Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Happy Happy Platform Time would not have been possible without the arrival of Pitfall!

And now, over twenty years later, we here at Smooth Operator are proud to offer you, the loyal reader, the chance of the lifetime. We are giving you the chance to win the creator of the masterpiece known as Pitfall!, David Crane!* Just imagine all of what you could do if you had your own Pitfall! Creator David Crane! You could hang out and play Pitfall!, do crossword puzzles, and even bake a cake! The possibilities are nearly endless and limited only to your imagination.

Here is how you can win. Write an essay, 300 words or less (or more), telling us why you think you should win Pitfall! Creator David Crane. Then send it over to Responses will be judged on quality, length, and amount of promised bribes to Smooth Operator. One lucky winner will be chosen who will win Pitfall! Creator David Crane!* Best of luck to all! This contest will run from now until a later date at which time the contest will end and the winner will be announced.

* Prize of Pitfall! Creator David Crane may be substituted for a prize of equal or lesser value at our own discretion. Such prizes may include, but are not limited to, old newspaper clippings, geography textbooks, and name recognition on this very site.go/tds/go.php?si

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