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Spammer Finally Figures Out No One Is Reading His E-mails
by Mark on 2/20/2005 (0)

Spam, by any other name... is still Spam!
(AP) Advanced E-wizard Marketing, an online spammer of computer parts and free product offers, finally reached the conclusion that "not one single e-mail" was ever opened or responded to favorably, according to webmaster Josh Popelka.

"I broadcasted over 35 million randomly addressed ads and didn't get one goddamn silly bite. We ran a 'free laptop' offer. I mean, wouldn't you expect that it would at least generate some interest? Hell, if I had a few extra minutes, I'd click on it to check it out. Go figure."

Popelka did confess, however, that he never really did intend to give any laptops away, at least not one made within the last 15 years, and that he did get at least one nasty auto-response from the FBI promising to "gut him like a trout" if he tried to sneak junk mail past their server firewall one more time.<

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