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Strange Brews
by Mark on 2/14/2005 (0)

Schlitz Sunshine Vitamin D beer: Keeps away them Rickets!
Marketing beer in present-day America involves psychological studies, multi-million dollar commercials, taste-testing, and tightly conducted surveys. In the not-so-long-ago-days-of-yester year, hundreds of brands abounded, many with a now seemingly quaint, if not downright strange, approach at appealing to beer drinkers.

Here are some classic examples of Brew-ski Obscura Americana:

Schlitz Sunshine Vitamin D Beer: In the 1920's, chemists discovered Vitamin D, a vital chemical produced by our skin when exposed to sunlight, and a key component in warding off rickets. Schlitz jumped on the Vitariffic band wagon in the 1930's with Schlitz Sunshine Vitamin D beer. Why lay in the sun to get your Vitamin D, when you can lie in the shade with an ice-cold enriched beer? Of course we know today that Vitamin enriched alcoholic beverages are not on the doctor recommended list of healthy alternatives, and dairy manufacturers, with the blessings of the FDA, wisely enriched milk instead.

Old Frothingslosh: One of the more unique brands of beer has been Pittsburgh Brewing’s Olde Frothingslosh. It was invented as a joke by Pittsburgh radio station KDKA’s Rege Cordic in the early 1950s. The local brewer picked up the idea as a humorous Christmastime promotion and “the pale stale ale” ended up as the inspiration for about 30 different beer cans, most created specifically for collectors

"It's not over 'till the fat lady's sloshed!"
Billy Beer: Brewed in the namesake of Billy Carter, former president Jimmy Carter's irksome brother, Billy Beer made its debut in the late 1970's, and sky rocketed to prominence by selling in classified ads for as much as 600 dollars a six pack. The value eventually plummeted to 25 cents a can shortly after, although Billy Beer remains a curio and sells even today on E-Bay for as much as 100 dollars a can!

Anheuser-Bush B-to-the-E beer: A modern day oddity, and a real life incarnation of Drew Carey's famous "Buzz Beer", B-to-the-E, according to the manufacturer:

"Contemporary adults thirst for variety and what's new, and our B-to-the-E delivers a beverage that is true to their lifestyles and range of drinking occasions...Our new B-to-the-E provides caffeine, guarana, and ginseng in a great tasting beer."

Packaged in 10 oz cans instead of the usual 12, and with a hefty price tag, B-to-the E follows in the footsteps of 'Red Bull' where less is more...a lot more, $$ that is.

And thus art imitates beer, or beer imitates life, or...err..enjoy!


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