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Frankie Muniz Grows Up, Turns Into Teenage Frankenstein
by Mark on 2/13/2005 (0)

Malcomstein in the Middle!!
(AP) Dredged under by encroaching puberty , "Malcolm in the Middle" star Frankie Muniz follows in the tragic footsteps of childhood stars Danny Bonaducci and Corie Feldman

Pediatrician Dr. Wolfgang Froelich explains:

"Puberty is merely the coming of age that we all must face. Arms, legs, hands, and feet grow faster than the rest of the body. You will get taller and your shoulders will get broader. You will gain a lot of weight. Your muscles will also get bigger.

Your voice will get deeper. This may start with voice cracking. As you continue to grow, the cracking will stop and your voice will stay at the lower range."

Froelich compared a few pictures of Muniz's debut in the hit show "Malcolm" from January, 2000, and another from 2005

"This is precisely what is happening to poor Frankie Muniz. The tragedy is, like all other childhood stars that rely on their youth for fame, the end of it means a devastating and sudden end to their acting career. From Shirley Temple to Dano Plato, puberty can be devastating, especially so in Frankie's case as he shows signs of becoming a beetle-browed, lumbering oaf. This so-called "Frankenstein Syndrome" also happened to Corey Feldman and Danny Bonaducci. It is truly sad, indeed."

Froelich admits that Gary Coleman was the only childhood star to escape the effects of puberty, citing the "midget factor" as keyo

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