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High School Adds 'Street Smarts 101' To Curriculum
by Mark on 2/6/2005 (0)

Street smarts: teach em' now, or teach em' later!
MENTOR, OH - Mentor High educators plan a more practical addition to the same old educational agenda

Faced with public criticism that classic public education does not prepare graduates for the rough and tumble grist of the workaday world, Mentor High educators have added 'Street Smarts 101' to the classic "3R's" curriculum.

Newly appointed SS101 professor Lenny Skutnik explains

"I'm a former used car salesman, and I never even graduated high school, but I can run circles around these college kids anyway! Who cares if you can do Algebra if you don't know how to zoom a customer into a 22 percent interest loan on a '92 Corolla with a blown head gasket and a dropped tranny! These kids don't know jack shit when it comes to the real world!"

Subjects on Skutnik's agenda include "Practical workplace politics: how not to piss off the boss and get fired", "How to financially size up and squeeze the last buck out of a client", "How to schmooze Mary the scary secretary" and "Money, money, money...welcome to free enterprise in America."

Skutnik took off one of his wingtips and hammered it on his desk like a court gavel

"Kids today think book smarts are everything! It's my job to teach them how to play the game. What you learn in school and applying it to the real world are two totally different things, altogether. I'm also planning a SS201 advanced course that deals with using the court system to protect yourself from consumer complaints, how to succesfully manage minorities, predatory real estate lending, and how to use, abuse and fire people cleanly, but that's a few years down the road."

The Mentor school board has not approved any dirty street dealing courses, such as drug dealing or pimping, but "plans to examine the possibility" in the near future.?si/tds/go.php?sid=1" w

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