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Ohio Workplace Endures Bitter Power Struggle
by Mark on 1/29/2005 (0)

And anyone who doesn't lift the lid or put new toilet paper on the roll will be written tolerance!
CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH - Ohio call center endures bitter power struggle between the sexes

"Quickyrates" insurance telephone support employee Chuck Sizer sat down at his workstation and donned his telephone headset like Chuck Yeager on a desperate 1944 8th Air Force fighter escort mission over Dusseldorf.

Looking up, Sizer saw more yellow post-it notes on his monitor than bugs on a Volvo on a summer Mississippi night. Spitefully snatching the post-its off like a hillbilly on a summer chicken, Sizer emphasized each pluck with a stacatto barrage of softly muttered expletives

Gosh dang it! of this crap! Look at this petty shit Sharanda's been busting my chops with..."don't leave empty pop cans on your desk, make sure to clean your workstation with Wind-ex before you go home, make sure you park in the last three rows in parking lot". I see where this is going. Right after me and Tommy Schmales decided to take matters into our own hands and ran some ideas past the owner, the girls saw it as an affront on their authority, and are out to get us. This job is stressful enough without these silly power-plays, goddamn it!"

And so it goes.

Such a scene is all too common in low paying, high stress jobs across America. Internal power structures are intentionally "micro-managed" to the hilt by cynical business owners and upper management, with some so called "offices" of 50 people having as many as 20 "team leaders" and "supervisors" engaged in a perpetual routine of spying on each other, with the Machiavellian goal of maximizing productivity by creating a constant state of distrust and friction between employees.

This strategy is nothing new. Henry Ford was notorious for pitting his assembly line workers against eachother -such as having Germans work alongside their longtime foes the Poles- and taking advantage of racial and language gaps to forestall Unionization efforts.

As such an environment evolves, it can often divide along gender lines, as long suffering women form tight alliances, and plot and scheme to crush any testosterone laden male uprisings.

Ultimately, overall productivity suffers as a result of the constant nervous, petty micro-management that creates such an atmosphere of guile and ire, that no one can truly function at anywhere near their full capacity.

The guys had a plan to get even...

"O.k., Tommy, Chuck, listen up. Here's the gig. Jacque, Lisa and Britt all take long lunches with their boyfriends without clocking out. We've got to try to nab 'em! And keep an eye out for Iesha in accounting. She's one of them...She does their nails!"

Oddly, none of the men or women were ever overheard making more obvious, rational plans, such as "finding a better job."?si/tds/go.php?sid=1" w

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