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Local Boy Discovers That Money Spends Much Easier Than It Earns
by Mark on 1/29/2005 (0)

Only 400 more shovel fulls, and I can get Katamari Damacy!!
SPRINGFIELD, USA - 13 year old boy learns the hard earned value of a buck

13 year old Jimmy Skufka tried playing a few rounds of Halo 2 on his new Xbox, rubbed his weary eyes, and reluctantly cut off the power button

"Krikes! I'm exhausted! Gramma gave me 500 dollars for Christmas and I bought an Xbox an' 4 games. I ran out of money and had to shovel 7 driveways for 7 bucks apiece just to get the new game Oddworld: Strangers's wrath. I'm so tired I can't even lift the control to play it! I-I'm going to lay down. Man! Money sure spends easier than it earns!"

Asked if he learned a valuable lesson about the relative value of a dollar compared to the amount of work it takes to earn it, Jimmy pondered thoughtfully

"Yeah! Works sucks! I'll just ask Gramma when I want another game!"

Jimmy's dad, Phil, slyly added "He-he...I'll let him enjoy 3 more years until he gets a car. He'll be shoveling so many driveways his ass'l be frozen to the seat. Now THAT'S what I call a hard drive!"

Jimmy's Gramma, Leanne, reportedly still has no clue as to what an 'Xbox' is. src="h

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