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European Union Considers Ban on Nazi Symbols
by Ken ReCorr on 1/21/2005 (1)

Brussels – It appears that the now infamous photograph of Britain’s young Prince Harry dressed in Nazi regalia at a costume party has sparked more than a war of words across the Atlantic. This week the European Union Commission issued a statement detailing the fact that they would "look into" banning all Nazi symbols from public display.

The branch of the EU Commission that decides the confederation’s public stance on issues of this nature, the Delegation for Usurping Horrible ideas (DUH), added "No Nazi Symbols" to their slate for discussion during the upcoming session.

DUH committee chairman, Franco Frattini, said that the new proposal will rank very highly on the new agenda.

"I believe it to be an important issue," said Frattini. "I’m sure we can create some legislation that says in essence 'Nazi symbols are a pretty bad idea'. We do understand that this will be a hot button issue until a ruling can be made. I would be remiss not to also mention that our delegation will also be deciding the fates of public exposure of skin rashes, and the legality of lighting one’s own gastro-intestinal products."

There are others in DUH who plan to protest the ban, citing possible grey areas.

Chris Davis, a British Liberal Democrat and a junior member of the Delegation, felt the issue may not be cut and dry.

"Let’s not be hasty on this issue," said Davis. "We don’t want this to come back and bite us in the ass."

When pressed for an explanation Davis merely reminded everyone to "look at the pros and cons here. We’re trying to prevent 'Monday morning quarterbacking' as it were. There are two sides to every story you know."

After being assured that there was not, in fact, two sides to this issue Davis admitted that the ban may be a "descent enough idea after all". Before the visibly miffed Democrat took leave, he lamented on the nature of his own choice of costumes for future irresponsibly themed dress up events similar to the one that started this debate. "I suppose I could not wear any Third Reich gear, but," he paused "blackface is so overdone."

Also on the table for the EU’s DUH roundtable - dioxin, killer poison or soup garnish?

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