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Dr. Phil's 'Divorce: Maybe it is Your Fault' Released to Mixed Reviews
by Ken ReCorr on 1/6/2005 (0)

New York – Oprah Winfrey failed to add it to her “Book of the Month” list, the New York Times panned it, and now the consumers are having their say.

Dr. Phil McGraw, the man behind TV’s least funny afternoon kid’s show, has released his seventeenth mind numbing self help book for people who can’t figure simple things out for themselves. His past titles have been somewhat successful, and have definitely been received with more fanfare than this current offering.

With #1 hits like “Shut up, no you shut up”: A guide to confrontations, and “Don’t make me slap the taste out of your mouth”: A guide to teenagers, Dr. Phil had an eager following of semi-neurotic stay at home moms. His latest book Divorce: Maybe it is your fault takes a long look at his core audience, and perhaps they don’t like what they are seeing in the mirror.

Judy Stephenson-Baker is a divorced mother of three living in Pawtucket, RI. She commented on the McGraw book as she stood in line at her local Barnes and Nobel. “I think he’s gone to the dark side,” said Stephenson-Baker. “But then again I should have known better, he’s got testicles.” Asked if she had read the book Stephenson-Baker replied, “No, Oprah said it wasn’t worth it. Then, she dangled something sparkly in front of the camera and I was off in Neverland.”

“The book takes a look at the root of the problem for many divorces,” says McGraw. “I’ll give you one scenario from the first chapter entitled Step One: Get off of the couch.”
Mr. Phillips comes home after a long day at the office – telling people how they should think is trying. He would like nothing better than to eat his dinner and zonk out for a while, but his dinner isn’t cooked because Mrs. Phillip “forgot” to defrost the chicken. “Forgot” her big couch-cushion-indented ass. The Sox-Yankees game is on but someone wants to watch “Outback Jack” re-runs.
“This type of thing happens far too often in marriages,” comments McGraw “In this case I would have recommended that the Mrs. just shut her yap and start putting out more.”

Dr. Phil addresses many unpopular issues in the book with candor and frankness. At one point in the chapter entitled I just don’t give a damn anymore, the daytime talk show host addresses what he feels are no win situations that many husbands find themselves in from time to time.
“So my wife asked me what I wanted for dinner the other night. Me, trying to be the ‘good guy’ said, ‘Whatever you want to do honey.’ She, of course took this the wrong way. ‘What do you mean what I want to do? Is that supposed to be like what I want to do for you?’ I’m amazed that I am still surprised at this behavior after all of these years of marriage. You’d think I would have learned to watch TV and keep my big mouth shut. I won’t make that mistake again and I advise you not to either.”
Even with all of this real world advice people don’t seem to be lining up to purchase the guide. While Dr. Phil does admit the low sales are depressing to his ego, he says the disappointment “doesn’t even begin to describe the nightmare that is my life.”"0" styl0" style

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