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Iron Man's Secret Power Source Revealed
by Mark on 12/30/2004 (0)

Cranial nail: Ironman's super powers finally revealed?
What is the secret behind the Marvel comics character multi-miillionaire inventor Tony Stark's alter-ego "Ironman" super powers? An ingeniously designed Iron Suit? Or something far more shocking and sublime?

According to popular account, after taking a life threatening piece of steel shrapnel to his heart, the genius inventor Stark was forced to build his hallmark suit of iron by his Vietnamese Communist captors in exchange for an operation to save his life.

In response, Stark designed and built an electrically powered suit of armor equipped with heavy offensive weaponry. The armor also contained a pacemaker like device which enabled Stark's heart to keep beating as long as he donned it.

Or is that the real Story?

According to exclusive insider Pentagon sources, it may be otherwise.

In reality, Stark's true identity was purportedly one of mild-mannered journeyman carpenter Ed Tarboosh, a Parma, Ohio private contractor. As the story goes, Tarboosh, shooing a voracious deer fly from his nose, accidentally discharged a pneumatic nail gun, lodging a no. 2 nail in his prefrontal cortex.

Amazingly, the nail instantly gave Tarboosh super powers. Neurosurgeon Dr. Anoop Gupta speculates

"It is my guess the 'cranial nail' in Tarboosh's skull acts like an enormous biochemical battery, the cupro-tin nail acting as a cathode, the iron suit as an anode, and his bodies own salinity as an electrolite. I'm guessing Tarboosh can produce 700 volts on a good day. That certainly would explain his super powers."

After changing his name to Tony Stark, the newly empowered Tarboosh built his trademark Iron Suit from several side panels from a mobile trailer park home and the front quarter panel of a red Volkswagen Beetle.

According to Gupta, however, the nail in Tarboosh's head could be easily removed

"Removing the nail would not be much of an ordeal. It's my guess, however, he has chose not to. I'm guessing being Ironman is far more alluring than going back to being a slightly less than competent carpenter. The same is true of the Israeli General Moshe Dian, who drew his mystique from the loss of an eye and his ubiquitous black eye patch, or Helen Keller, who overcame her deafness and blindness in a legendary struggle against all odds, or composer Ludwig Von Beethoven, who composed his finest and best known symphonies after he went deaf. Sometimes a seemingly devestating 'handicap' can bring out the best in us, -perhaps even the "superhuman" best.

Meanwhile, Tarboosh will keep his Ironman suit and cranial nail, in spite of "a rather annoying metallic taste in my mouth and a nagging inclination to fly perpetually North, especially during Arctic Tern migration season."

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